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Our services are performed by a team of trained microbiologists, chemists and material scientists using methods listed in the most current revisions of the FDA - Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM), AOAC, USDA, CMMEF, and USP Methods. EMSL has over 30 locations nationwide. Our food testing labs are located in:

Corporate Headquarters - Cinnaminson, NJ
     • Food Chemistry, Nutritional Analysis, Microbiology  Analysis, Allergen & Toxin Analysis

Food Microbiology Labs:
     • Atlanta, GA
     • Beltsville, MD
     • Chicago, IL
          • Nutritional Database Services
     • Houston, TX
     • Indianapolis, IN
     • New York City, NY
     • Orlando, FL
     • Phoenix, AZ
     • Raleigh, NC
     • St. Louis, MO
          • Nutritional Database Services
     • San Leandro, CA
     • S. Pasadena, CA (DBA LA Testing)
     • Wallingford, CT

For questions call:
EAST - 1-888-958-8170
MIDWEST - 1-877-435-5227
WEST - 1-866-798-1089

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