Food & Consumer Products Testing

Food & Consumer Products Testing Services

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Food Microbiology
EMSL Analytical, Inc has a team of highly trained Microbiologists and offers reliable microbiological analysis of food, beverage, and environmental samples. Methods offered include: FDA/BAM, USDA, USP, AOAC, and CMMEF. EMSL also has a dedicated Special Projects team that will work with you to customize methods to fit your project needs.
Standard Panel
Aerobic Plate Count
Yeast & Mold
Total Coliform / E. coli
Staphylococcus aureus
Salmonella (P/A)
Listeria (P/A)
E. coli O157:H7 (P/A)
Pathogen Confirmation
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Campylobacter (P/A) Bacillus cereus
Anaerobic Plate Count
Aerobic Spore Former Count
Lactic Acid Bacteria Count
Lactobacillus species Count
Isolate Identification – Bacterial
Isolate Identification – Fungal
Canner’s Test
Shigella by qPCR & Culture
Anaerobic Spore Former Count
Thermophilic Aerobic Spore Former Count
Thermophilic Anaerobic Spore Former Count
Food Chemistry Analysis
EMSL Analytical, Inc offers a wide array of Food Chemistry Analysis. Standard Turn-Around-Time rates and expedited rates are available for many tests. Please contact EMSL for special testing requirements or additional test parameter requests.
Antioxidative capacity
Fat and Fatty Acids
Food Additives & Preservatives
Sugars & Polysaccharides
Amino Acids
Enzymes & Proteins
Organic Acids
Color Analysis
Vitamin Analysis
Mineral Analysis
Specialty Food Analysis
Food Adulteration, GMO & Quality Control
EMSL offers a variety of specific food analysis to determine adulteration and quality control of specific products and food types.
Food DNA Authentication
GMO Analysis
Meat Speciation by PCR
Pasta Quality Control – Common Wheat Adulteration
Flunixin in Milk
Chloramphenicol in Shrimp
Amnesic Shellfish (Domoic Acid)
Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional Analysis – Overview
Laboratory Based Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional Database Analysis
Pet Food Nutritional Analysis
Food Allergen Analysis
Specialty Food Allergen Analysis
Peanut Allergen
Almont Allergen
Egg Allergen
Total Milk Allergen
Soy Flour Allergen
Gliadin (Gluten) Allergen
Walnut Allergen
Shellfish Allergen
Soy Allergen
Lupine Allergen
Mustard Allergen
Sesame Allergen
Casein Allergen
Brazil Nut Allergen
Cashew Allergen
Pistachio Allergen
Natural Toxins
Fumosin (FB1, FB2)
T-2 Toxin
Ochratoxin A
DON (Vomitoxin)
Aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2)
FDA Import Detention Services
Shelf Life Studies
Base Packages
Custom Proposals
Consumer Testing Services
Materials, Particles, and Fiber Analysis
Particle Identification
Foreign Material Analysis and ID
Fiber Analysis
Industrial Hygiene
Environmental Odor Analysis
Volatile Organic Compounds

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