Q: Why choose EMSL Analytical, Inc.?

A: EMSL Analytical, Inc. is the nation’s 4th largest environmental, food, and consumer products testing firm. With a network of over 30 laboratories, service centers, and partner facilities in North America, EMSL has been providing quality analytical services since 1981.

Q: I have some food that made me sick. What do I do?

A: First, go to a doctor and get a specific diagnosis. Once a causative agent is determined feel free to contact EMSL Analytical, Inc to determine if we can test your suspect food for that specific contaminant. We cannot test for an unknown contaminant, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of possible contaminants that can affect food. A diagnosis or specific directive is a necessity. You can also check recall notices and local health departments to see if any formal complaints have been lodged, or formal warnings issued for specific contaminants.

Q: Where can I find more information online to help determine my testing needs?

A: The FDA Bad Bug Book:Click Here
FDA Recall Notices:Click Here

Q: There is something in my food that I can see with the naked eye. Can EMSL identify it?

A: EMSL Analytical, Inc offers comprehensive Unknown Contaminant ID analysis for physical contaminants. We use state of the art, high powered microscopy techniques to provide you with a defensible identification of the suspect material. Different levels of analysis are offered depending on contaminant and matrix. Contact EMSL today for more information.

Q: I want to know what makes up this product. Does EMSL perform Deformulation Analysis?

A: Deformulation analysis, also referred to as reverse engineering, provides a component breakdown of a product. Due to the complex chemical nature of most food products this is not always possible to achieve using conventional analytical techniques. Pricing starts at $5,000 per product. Please contact your EMSL Analytical, Inc. representative for more details.

Q: I am ready to submit samples for testing. What do I need to do?

A: Once you have determined the analytical tests needed and have received a quote from an EMSL Analytical, Inc. representative you will submit a Chain of Custody (sample submittal form, provided to you by your EMSL representative), appropriate amount of sample, and if necessary, payment to the analyzing laboratory. Contact your EMSL representative for more details.
General Pricing for Consumer and Law Firm Testing Requests*:
*Prices subject to change. Contact EMSL representative for custom proposal and testing availability.

Contact EMSL Today!

Contact EMSL Analytical today for a formal proposal for the analysis of your suspect food. A specific analytical request is required before a proposal can be issued. See the FAQ – Consumer Services Testing section for more information.

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