A variety of toxins can be present in different food types and commodities that can cause adverse affects on products, animals, and humans. Mycotoxins are derived from various mold types that can contaminate cereals, feeds, grains and other foods. Histamine primarily affects fish products and can cause scromboid poisoning in humans.

EMSL has a laboratory near you that specializes in natural toxin testing which gives you the assurance you have not exceed the limits set by the EPA and FDA.

For over 30 years EMSL has led the industry in testing and analysis. Our professional staff of trained scientists, technicians and analysts can also provide Method Validation & Development.

Laboratory Services

Aflatoxin –
B1, B2, G1, G2
DON (Vomitoxin)
Food Toxins
Fumosin FB1, FB2
Ochratoxin A
T-2 Toxin

Submit 2 oz sample per analyte requested*