1.Submit sufficient amount of samples
      • Food Microbiology
            i. Quantitative Analysis (Reported as CFU/g or CFU/ml)
                a) 50g minimum food or a single sponge/swab sample (all quantitative tests can be performed from a single sponge/swab).
                b) Examples: Aerobic Plate Count, Coliform/E. coli, Yeast/Mold.
                c) Note: Environmental samples containing Neutralizing buffer or D/E Neutralizing broth are not compatible with Petrifilm analysis; Contact Sales representative to                           inquire about Petrifilm-compatible sponges/swabs.
           ii. Qualitative Analysis (Reported as Present or Absent)
                a) 25g minimum or single sponge/swab for each pathogen testing.
                b) Examples: Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7.
      • Food Allergen
            i. 5g minimum or single swab for each allergen test.
      • Food Chemistry
            i. Required amount depends on specific tests.
            ii. Contact Sales Representative for specific amount required for each test.
2. Fill out a Chain of Custody (COC)
      Ensure that the sample description on the COC matches the labels on the samples.
      Ensure that the appropriate test codes are assigned to each sample.
      Composite sampling – Indicate any requirement for composite testing, if applicable.
      Dilution requirement – Indicate any requirement for additional dilutions and/or specific limits for each test.
3. Sample packing/shipping
      Ship samples in an insulated cooler, with ice packs, for overnight delivery; Do not use ice cubes.
      Ambient samples do not require ice packs; however, exposure to extreme temperature should be avoided.

Improper packaging of samples may compromise the quality and integrity of laboratory-generated data.
EMSL Analytical, Inc reserves the right to reject samples if sample integrity or staff safety is in question.