Verification activities make up a key component of a food safety plan and provide a level of assurance that the preventive controls are sufficiently controlling hazards. Product testing is considered a verification activity and the FSMA Final Rule for Preventive Controls for Human Food specifies that the product testing procedure must (i) be “scientifically valid” and (ii) “identify the test microorganism(s)”. Subsequently, a question may arise regarding whether the method employed by EMSL Analytical, Inc. can detect the target pathogen in a specific food product.

When an assay manufacturer submits their product to AOAC for validation of the test method, they generally pick a handful of broad food categories. Food is complex and there are too many variations of products for an assay manufacturer to validate everything. It is common for a specific product to not be listed as matrix tested and validated by the AOAC OMA and RI process*. EMSL Analytical, Inc. is able to verify recovery of a target organism in the food matrix if a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) deems it necessary as a part of his/her verification activity

The procedure is straight forward. EMSL Analytical, Inc. will inoculate your product at the enrichment stage of testing with a low level of pathogen (i.e., approx. 30 cells). We then continue the analysis as usual and determine if the test-method is able to detect (recover) the inoculated pathogen from the food matrix.

  • Test Code: F199
  • Price: $167.00 per inoculation / sample

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*More information on the list of validated matrices can be made available upon inquiry